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About CWLP

City Water, Light and Power is a division of the City of Springfield. From its inception as a tiny water works company in the mid-1800s to its role today as the largest municipal utility in Illinois, CWLP has had a long and proud history. The utility has become an integral part of the Springfield community, providing service and value that extends far beyond the high-quality drinking water and low-cost electric power produced at the utility's combined lakeside filtration plant and generating stations.

We're happy to have this opportunity to help you get to know us better and to share with you some of the highlights of both our past and present.

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The Electric Division

City Water, Light & Power is the supplier of electricity for residents and businesses of Springfield, Illinois. CWLP's Electric Division facilities include the Dallman 4 coal-fired power station, three peaking generators and a small solar installation. Dallman 4 is served by a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which significantly reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions; sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubber; and electrostatic precipitators that reduce particulate emissions. This unit is also equipped with: a fabric filter bag house that also aids in particulate emission, and a state-of-the-art cooling tower that eliminates the need to send high-temperature cooling water back into Lake Springfield. At other locations, the Division maintains an operations dispatch center and transmission and distribution (T&D) engineering office; an electric overhead, underground, substation and service office; three peaking turbines; and a number of substations.
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The Water Division

City Water, Light & Power provides water service to a population of nearly 150,000 people in and around Springfield. This includes retail service to Springfield as well as Southern View, Leland Grove and certain unincorporated areas around the city. Wholesale service is provided to Grandview, Jerome, Loami, Rochester, Sugar Creek Public Water District, Williamsville-Sherman Water Commission and Round Prairie Water Cooperative. Retail water customers within the City of Springfield pay the second lowest rates in the state outside of Chicago.

The Water Division is responsible for planning, constructing and maintaining the city's integrated water supply, purification, and distribution system—which includes Lake Springfield, the lakeside Water Purification Plant, three water storage tanks, and approximately 750 miles of water mains. The Division's primary mission is to ensure that all utility customers will have a safe and plentiful water supply in both the immediate and long-term future. Toward this end, the Division operates a 24-hour laboratory where chemists and plant operators consistently and continually check drinking water quality. Division employees are also actively involved in searching out the best options for protecting our current supply source and planning for long-range needs.
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The CWLP Management Team

CWLP is part of the municipal government of the City of Springfield, Illinois, and, as such, falls under the purview of the Mayor’s Office and the Springfield City Council.

Day-to-day management of the utility is the responsibility of the Chief Utility Engineer and administrative staff, which consists of: the Electric Division Manager; the Water Division Manager; the Finance Director; and the Regulatory Affairs Director.

Chief Utility Engineer

Doug Brown

The Chief Utility Engineer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the utility, including the Electric Division, Water Division, Finance Division and Regulatory Affairs. This position also serves as liaison for special technical projects, including major infrastructure improvements, undertaken by all areas of the utility.

Doug Brown serves as Chief Utility Engineer and previously served as the Major Projects Development Director for nearly seven years, during which he oversaw multiple projects, including the construction of Dallman Unit 4, the Water Works Improvement Project, and the Dallman 33 Scrubber upgrade. He has worked for the utility since 1994, beginning as an Electrical Engineer, and has worked his way up through the utility in project management in various environmental compliance, expansion and upgrade projects.

Doug is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in electrical engineering and an MBA.. He also is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.

Electric Division Manager

Scott Rogers

The Electric Division Manager is responsible for overseeing all Electric Division operations and engineering, which includes the Electric Generation Department and the Electric Transmission, Distribution and Operations Departments.

Scott Rogers serves as Electric Division Manager. Prior to taking this position he served as the General Superintendent of Generation and Superintendent of Production, during which he was responsible for the overall operation of five steam generators and five combustion turbines. He has worked for the utility since December of 1995, beginning as an Engineer. In later roles he served as Superintendent of Technical Support, Boiler Process Specialist and Maintenance Engineer, working his way up through all plant systems including environmental control facilities, wastewater treatment systems, and boiler and turbine controls and maintenance.

Scott is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a MBA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Scott is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.

Water Division Manager

Todd LaFountain

The Water Division Manager is responsible for overseeing all Water Division operations and engineering, which includes the Water Purification Plant, the Water Distribution & Engineering Department and the Land and Water Resources Division.

Todd LaFountain serves as Water Division Manager. He has been with the utility since January 1995, when he was hired as Water Distribution System Engineer. In other roles at the utility, Todd has served as Deputy Superintendent of Water Engineering, Water Plant Engineer and General Superintendent of Water Purification. He coordinates long-term planning for water system improvement projects in addition to overseeing daily operations issues. Supplemental water supply projects, major infrastructure enhancements and replacements and long-term growth aspects also fall under his purview.

Todd is a graduate of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in engineering and a MBA. Todd is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Class A Water Operator in the State of Illinois. Todd is active in many state and national water industry organizations.

Finance Division Director

Jaime Shobe

The Finance Division Director is responsible for overseeing the management, policies, procedures and rules for the utility’s Finance Division, which includes General Accounting, Fiscal Services, Purchasing and Inventory Control and the Commercial Office.

Jaime Shobe joined as Finance Director in June 2023. She began as Interim Assistant Finance Director for CWLP in May 2022 and previously also served as Staff Accountant.

Prior to joining City Water, Light and Power she had over 20 years’ experience working in Accounting and Finance in the private sector. For over 14 years she managed a privately held portfolio of real estate, hotels and restaurants. She also served as an adjunct professor teaching Business and Management Classes at Richland Community College for over 9 years.

Jaime is a graduate of Millikin with a B.S. in Accounting and a MBA.

Regulatory Affairs Director

Deborah Williams

The Regulatory Affairs Director is responsible for general supervision of the utility’s regulatory and legislative affairs to ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local laws, as well as regulations and permits. In addition this position serves as advisor to the Chief Utility Engineer on major utility projects and oversees the Environmental, Health and Safety Office, and Operations and Auditing Divisions.

Deborah Williams joined CWLP as Regulatory Affairs Director in December 2016. She has 20 years of environmental law experience including regulatory and enforcement work for the State of Illinois. She served as Assistant Counsel for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Bureau of Water and Air Regulatory Units for over 15 years. She also served as Assistant Counsel for the State of Illinois’ Office of the State Fire Marshal where she worked for three years before joining CWLP. In addition to representation work, she has managed teams of legal, technical and policy staff in regulatory work for the State of Illinois.

Deborah earned her B.A. degree from Northwestern University and her J.D. degree with high honors from Chicago-Kent College of Law with a Certificate in Environment & Energy Law.

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