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Trees and Power Lines

There are thousands of trees across CWLP’s electric service territory, which beautify and add benefit to our community. Although most trees do not present a problem, some of them have been improperly planted too close or even directly under power lines. When greenery becomes too close for comfort, we have to address it because overgrowth can interfere with power distribution and create other problems including dangers to people around them.

Power lines can give off a spark or arc that may land on a nearby branch and ignite. Additionally, the lights in your house may flicker when tree branches brush power lines during high winds. Stormy weather can also cause limbs to make contact with lines causing problems or even break off and land on lines, breaking them.

In fact, the majority of power outages are caused by tree-related issues, which is why CWLP, like other utilities must have tree trimming work completed to keep clearance from power lines.

Lines that are clear of branches, limbs and other types of debris make it easier and safer for line workers to access lines and fix other problems that may occur. When clearing around lines, we make sure proper pruning techniques are used to preserve tree health as much as possible.

To report trees or limbs in conflict with CWLP lines (non-emergency), please call 217.321.1407 or email For emergencies and 24-hour service contact Electric Dispatch at 217.789.2121.

To report other tree trouble for those on City Right of Way and not in conflict with electric lines, please contact the City of Springfield’s Office of Public Works at 217.789.2255 or

See where CWLP’s line clearance program will be trimming this year:
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