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Energy Audits and Assistance

To help identify issues that might be preventing customers from getting the biggest bang for their energy dollars, CWLP offers home energy audits, commercial facility technical assistance and a generalized technical assistance that can address a specific problem or provide answers to energy-use questions.

Money-Back Home Energy Audit

Commercial Facility Technical Assistance Program

CWLP offers a free facility technical assistance to commercial electric customers upon request. Included in a commercial facility technical assistance is a "walk-through" evaluation of the business' energy systems, including lighting, HVAC and thermostat operation, water heating, food preparation and other specialized equipment that can draw and/or consume a significant amount of energy. The CWLP Energy Expert also provides the customer with three years of electric and water billing history in both table and graphical form and explains the components of their electric bills and how the costs of each impacts the bills. Comparisons of weather-related data, including heating degree days (HDD) and cooling degree days (CDD), for the same period can also be provided, allowing the customer to understand the impact weather can and has had on energy consumption.

During the walk-through, the Energy Expert also addresses specific concerns the customer might have about the energy use of their particular equipment and provides tips on equipment or operational changes that could be made to reduce energy usage, as well as information about rebates, grants and other incentives for improving energy or water efficiency that might be available from CWLP and other sources.

For more information about or to schedule a commercial facility technical assistance, call 217.789.2070.

General Technical Assistance Program

The general Technical Assistance (TA) program offered by CWLP is designed to help customers who are experiencing efficiency-related problems in their homes or businesses or who have any type of energy efficiency question. TAs, which are free of charge to CWLP electric customers, can be conducted on-site, over the phone, by mail, or by email—depending on the circumstances and needs of the customer.

Some TAs are investigatory in nature, such as those provided to customers who call with high-bill concerns. Some are educational in nature, such as those that teach customers how to use automatic setback thermostats and provide advice about insulation, weatherstripping, caulking, choosing a heating and cooling contractor, or making economic comparisons of energy systems. Our Energy Experts can even help you design energy efficiency into the structure when you're ready to build a new home or commercial facility.

To learn more about or to take advantage of our Technical Assistance program, contact the CWLP Energy Services Office by calling 217.789.2070, or emailing