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Security Lighting

CWLP will install outdoor, pole-mounted security lights for customers upon request, as long as the area to be lit has overhead electric service. (Utility-provided security lights are not available in areas fed by underground utilities.)

Whenever possible, lights will be installed on existing CWLP poles, as long as the poles can accommodate the lights and the lights will not interfere with CWLP’s primary use of the poles. If this is not feasible, new poles will be installed. The utility will install a maximum of three new light poles per property. There is no maximum on the number of lights that may be installed as long there is a sufficient number of new and/or existing poles to hold them. Lights will not be installed on any structures other than CWLP poles.

For more information or to order a security light, call 217.321.1350.

More Information

Customers will be charged a monthly fee for each installed light, as well as a monthly pole fee for each new pole that must be installed. Customers will be required to enter into a 2.5-year contract if a light-only is installed and a 5-year contract if a new pole is also installed.

The monthly fee for each light depends on the wattage of the light installed. In the past, CWLP used mercury vapor (MV) type lamps for outdoor security lighting. While some MV lights are still in use, they are gradually being phased out in favor of high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Only HPS lamps are now being used in new installations. The utility will determine the appropriate wattage of each light to be installed based on the area the customer wishes to have lit. For residential applications, a 100-watt HPS light is usually sufficient.

The monthly pole fee (billed as Rate 53), regardless of the length of the pole or the wattage of light attached to it, is $4 per pole.

The customer will not be charged an initial installation fee unless additional equipment needs to be installed to bring 120-volt service to an area where it is not already available. If 120-volt service is not already available, the customer will be charged for the cost of installing the additional equipment. Customers requesting the relocation of existing security lights will be required to pay the entire cost of the relocation.

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