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CWLP Water Rates

The rates governing CWLP water and electric service are approved by the Springfield City Council. The rate information provided on this site is subject to change by ordinance of the Council. The current CWLP Water Rates shown took effect March 1, 2024.

CWLP customer bills also include sewer and sanitary service charges, which are levied by other agencies. The sewer portion of the sewer/sanitary rates is recommended by the City's Department of Public Works (Sewer Division) and approved by the Springfield City Council, while the sanitary portion of the sewer/sanitary rates is set by the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District. CWLP collects for these services as a convenience and billing courtesy for the residents and organizations receiving the sewer/sanitary services and all funds are passed on to those agencies less CWLP’s administrative cost.

CWLP retail water service is available to all residents and businesses inside the Springfield city limits, for “Inside-the-City” rates, as well as to certain areas outside the city, for “Outside-the-City” rates, including Leland Grove and Southern View. Wholesale water service is provided to Grandview, Jerome, Loami, Rochester, Sugar Creek Public Water District, Williamsville-Sherman Water Commission and Round Prairie Water Cooperative.

CWLP has different water rate classification schedules, which are based on where the customer is located, along with a fire protection line service rate. Standard water service rate schedules apply equally to both residential and business customers; the fire protection line service rate is applicable only to business properties with fire protection water lines. Rates for standard water service include a flat readiness-to-serve meter charge, based on the size of the meter, and separate charges for the volume of water consumed.

The billing unit for water service is 100 cubic feet, which is equivalent to 748 gallons. We estimate our average residential customer uses approximately three units of water each month for each person living in the household.

Water Rate 10: Inside-the-City Customers

Water Rate 11: Outside-the-City Customers (Except Southern View)

Water Rate 12: Outside-the-City Customers Southern View Only

Sewer Rates

Fire Protection Line Rates

Upon request, CWLP will provide any business customer with a water service line dedicated solely to premise fire protection. This line is not metered; the customer is charged a flat monthly rate for the service based on a readiness-to-serve charge of $7.34 per inch of diameter of the fire service line that has been installed. No customer with an unmetered fire protection service line is allowed to tap into that line for any other purpose. The existence of such a tap or other connection is a violation of the City Code.

Fire protection line service is available only to CWLP commercial customers.