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CWLP Financial Data

The City Water, Light & Power Finance Division manages the finances of the municipally owned water and electric utilities of the City of Springfield. Each utility system is a separate Enterprise Fund of the City and, as a result, the Water and Electric Funds are separate legal and accounting entities from each other and from other Funds of the City of Springfield. Separate financial records are maintained for each utility system. Each CWLP Fund stands alone in terms of its security pledge to bondholders and its credit ratings.

FY2020 Budget

On the evening of Tuesday, January 22, 2019, City Water, Light & Power presented its Fiscal Year 2020 budget request to the City Council.
FY2020 Budget Proposal FY2020 Budget Presentation FY2020 Budget Passed

Financial Summaries

Throughout the fiscal year, CWLP prepares financial summary reports and presents this information at City Council meetings. These reports contain Water Fund and Electric Fund information on revenues and expenses compared to budget expectations, cash position, debt coverage, labor expenses and CWLP's Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) to the Corporate Fund.

Audited Financial Statements

The preparation of annual financial audits is required by both State Law and the Master Revenue Bond Ordinances of the Water Fund and the Electric Fund. These audited financial reports are prepared by an independent accounting firm. The CWLP fiscal year is consistent with that of the other City Departments (March 1 - February 28/29).

Historical Financial and Operating Data

CWLP is required to provide annual Continuing Disclosure Reports for the Water Fund and the Electric Fund to the municipal financial market by filing certain information with EMMA, the Electronic Municipal Market Access system. These reports contain the most recent five years of selected financial and operating data for each Fund. They are prepared and filed after the financial audits are completed each fiscal year.

View the most recent available Continuing Disclosure Report for the Water Fund

Water FY2019

View the most recent available Continuing Disclosure Report for the Electric Fund

Electric FY2019