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Sewer and Sanitary Rates

With the exceptions noted in the panel below, all CWLP retail water customers are assessed a fee to cover the cost of waste water treatment. The charge is collected by CWLP on behalf of the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District and, for Springfield city residents, the Springfield Office of Public Works. CWLP receives only a small portion of this fee to cover its administrative costs.

Rate Information

There are three different sewer rate classification schedules – Sewer Rate 10, Sewer Rate 11, and Sewer Rate 12 – depending on where your property is located and, in the case of customers located inside the city, on the size of the water meter. (Note: 1-1/4" meters are not available for installation.) All rate classifications apply equally to both residential and business customers. Rates consist of both a monthly meter charge and a per-unit usage charge. The minimum monthly bill for each sewer customer, regardless of rate classification, will be equal to the monthly meter charge.

Sewer rates and monthly customer charges are based on the amount of funding that has been determined necessary for the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District and the Springfield Public Works Department to install, upgrade and maintain an adequate sewer and sanitary system for residents of the Springfield metropolitan area. All of the sewer/sanitary-related charges paid by CWLP water customers who are located outside of the Springfield city limits go to the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District. Sewer/sanitary-related charges paid by water customers located inside the Springfield city limits are split between the Reclamation District and the City's Office of Public Works Sewer Fund. The table in the blue expandable Sewer Rate 10 panel below shows how charges paid by Rate 10 water customers (those living inside the city limits) are split between these two governmental entities. For more information about sewer charges, how they are set, and how the collected revenues are used, contact the Springfield Office of Public Works 217.789.2255 or the Sangamon County Water Reclamation District 217.528.0491.

The sewer rates listed below are effective May 1, 2023.
The Reclamation District charges listed below are effective May 1 2023.

Sewer Rate 10: Inside-the-City Customers

Sewer Rate 11: Outside-the-City Customers (Except Southern View)

Sewer Rate 12: Outside-the-City Customers Southern View Only

Circumstances Under Which Customers Can Avoid Paying Sewer/Sanitary Fees

Sewer charges will be waived for customers on septic systems who have provided the CWLP Customer Service Office with an affidavit approved by the City's Office of Public Works. This affidavit can be obtained in Room 201, Municipal Center West, 7th and Monroe Streets. For further information, call 217.789.2250.

Customers who install sewer revenue meters can avoid paying sewer charges on any water use that is not expected to enter the sewer system. Typically, such uses include lawn and garden irrigation, pool filling, and other high volume outdoor activities.

In a property with a sewer revenue meter, the plumbing is split so that water expected to enter the sewer system (typically all indoor and some outdoor uses) passes through the sewer revenue meter. Water that will not pass into the sewer system does not pass through this meter. The customer will pay sewer and sanitary charges only for the amount of water measured by the sewer revenue meter. Sewer revenue meters must be obtained from CWLP. The costof these meters varies, depending on the size of the meter required. The customer must hire a licensed plumber for the meter installation (which could involve extensive alterations to an existing plumbing system), and will be responsible for all annual inspection and maintenance costs. For more information about sewer revenue meters, call the CWLP Water Department at 217.789.2323.