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Lake Maps

THere you can see a number of Maps and pictures of our own Lake Springfield. We also have some Hunter Lake maps and zone near the bottom of the page.

Lake Springfield Map

A general map of the lake and its environs, including locations of no-wake zones; full-pool water depths; some of the main lake-area roadways; general locations of lake parks, clubs, and boat docks/launches; and bridge and power line clearances.
Lake Springfield Map

Lake Parks Map

A map showing the locations of the lake-area parks owned and managed by CWLP. More information about lake parks, including directions to each of the parks and special park facilities, can also be found below.
Lake Parks Map Parks Information Page

E. Coli Monitoring Map

A map showing the locations where e. coli samples are taken from the lake and the most recent readings for each location. More information about the lake's water quality can also be found below.
Water Quality Page

Dissolved Oxygen and Water Temperature Map

A map showing the most recent dissolved oxygen level and water temperature readings taken at various locations on the lake. This map serves as a handy tool for persons fishing on Lake Springfield. More information about fishing and other water sports on Lake Springfield can also be found below.
Water Quality Page

Outline of Lake Springfield Showing Original Paths of Sugar and Lick Creeks

A map showing the original beds of Sugar and Licks Creeks, which were dammed to create Lake Springfield.
Outline of Lake Springfield Map