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Contribute To Project RELIEF

By contributing to Project Relief each month, your contribution will go toward helping a needy CWLP customer in Springfield. If you are a CWLP customer seeking information on Project RELIEF and other bill assistance programs, click on "Bill Assistance" below.
Bill Assistance

Yes, I'd like to Donate

Project RELIEF is a CWLP program that offers financial assistance to customers with overdue electric or water bills who are facing service cut-off due to nonpayment. The program is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions from customers. Your donation can be made as a monthly addition to your CWLP bill or as a one-time offering by check or money order. On average, CWLP collects $25,000 per year through these donations. As much as the kindness of program contributors is appreciated, the need always far exceeds available funds.

If you would like to contribute to Project RELIEF through your CWLP bill or increase the amount of your current contribution, just complete the Project RELIEF donation form below.

One-time contributions can be mailed directly to Fifth Street Renaissance, 1315 N. 5th St., Springfield, IL 62702. Please make your check or money order payable to Project RELIEF.

One hundred percent of your contribution will go toward helping a needy CWLP customer.

Monthly Amount (minimum $1.00) $:

Full Name

Daytime Phone #
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I authorize CWLP to add the amount specified below to my monthly utility bill to be used for Project RELIEF.