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Meter Reading

CWLP's staff of meter readers is charged with taking monthly readings, when possible, of all customer water and electric meters. Your meter(s) is read on, or about the same date each month. This enables you to be assigned a billing cycle, which determines what your statement mail-out and payment due dates will be each month.

Reasons Meters Are Not Read

Although meter readers are supposed to have free and unimpeded access to CWLP meters at all times, such access might not always be available, making it impossible for the meter(s) to be read. If your meter(s) cannot be read, your electric and water usage will be estimated. On your bill, an estimated meter reading will be indicated by a "E" in the Bill Code column.

Regular, actual meter readings are a requirement of continued service. If your meter has been estimated for three or more consecutive months, CWLP may begin to overestimate your consumption. This is our way of calling your attention to the fact that we are experiencing a meter-reading problem at your property. You will also be notified of the need to make an appointment to have your meter read by our Field Investigator. If you fail to do so, you could risk interruption of your service. You can set up an appointment with the Field Investigator by calling 217.789.2030.

Some examples of situations that make it impossible for meter readers to gain access to meters include the following:

  • Plants, debris, and other material that block access to or a view of the meter. Customers are responsible for removing any vegetation or materials around meters that prevent the meters from being safely and accurately read.
  • Meters located behind locked fences or inside buildings. If you cannot always be available to let the meter reader into a fenced yard or basement, you can—if you wish—provide CWLP with a key to the fence or building. Your key will be coded so that the matching address would not be evident to anyone other than the meter reader. For more information about this option, contact the Customer Service Office by phone at 217.789.2030; by FAX at 217.789.2026; or by email at
  • Unrestrained animals. Dogs or other pets that have the potential to cause bodily harm to CWLP employees are another reason your meter might not be read. For the sake of the meter reader, your pet and yourself, please keep your animals properly restrained so they do not pose a threat and so your meter can be read regularly.
  • Inclement weather. Sometimes, the blame for our inability to read your meter lies with Mother Nature. Certain weather conditions—including extremely high or low temperatures or severe storms—can occasionally force our meter readers to skip your meter's monthly read.

Reading Your Own Meters

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