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About 15 sport fish species can be caught in Lake Springfield. Fishing is allowed either from boats on the water or from any public portion of the shoreline. All fishers and their lines must remain at least 35 feet away from any leased residential property unless permission to fish closer has been given by the lease-holder. Fishing is not allowed from the shoreline of Lincoln Memorial Garden. More information about regulations relating to fishing on Lake Springfield can be found by clicking the blue expandable panels below.

For the convenience of fishers, there are three posted public fishing areas: at the Dividing Dam, Marine Point at Island Bay Lane and the Sunset View Fishing Area (on East Lake Drive just south of the zoo turnoff). In addition, there are two unposted fishing piers: one between East and West Tom Madonia Parks and another at Center Park Harbor, which are both ADA-accessible.

Fishing License

Unless eligible for exemption under state licensing regulations, persons aged 16 or older must have a valid Illinois fishing license in order to legally remove (or attempt to remove) any species of fish, frog or turtle from Lake Springfield. The license must be in the possession of the holder during all fishing activity. For information on how to obtain an Illinois fishing license, contact the state Department of Natural Resources at 217.782.2965.

Fishing Rules and Guidelines

Fish Species Present in the Lake

Fish Attractors

Fishing Line & Lure Recycling

Fish Consumption Advisory

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