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Fiber Optics

CWLP’s Ethernet network runs on over 270 miles of fiber optic cable and is remotely monitored from the utility’s network management center. The network provides multiple paths across the fiber backbone and is designed to provide a high level of redundancy and a high level of system reliability. CWLP holds a Certificate of Authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission, allowing it to serve as a telecommunications provider.

Commercial Access

CWLP provides telecommunications and fiber optics services to approximately 70 area entities—including schools, medical facilities, banks, insurance companies, county offices, and car dealerships. The most common use of the telecommunications service provided by CWLP is the linking of remote facilities, enabling customers to connect their local area networks (LANs) to create wide-area networks (WANs) with little or no degradation in data delivery speed.

In 2020 CWLP upgraded its WAN to 40GB speed. This allows the utility to offer connections up to 10Gbps to those customers that require extremely high bandwidth.

While CWLP’s current network is primarily used for voice, data and other utility-specific functions, the system is capable of providing a multitude of additional services.

The bandwidth CWLP offers can provide commercial and industrial customers the following capabilities:

  • high-speed data transfer
  • e-commerce
  • distance learning and interactive education
  • library access
  • tele-medicine
  • security
  • video incarceration
  • high-speed communications with speeds up to 10Gbps (upload and download)

CWLP also leases dark fiber (fiber that is lit by the customers’ equipment). This enables customers to have up to 100GB connections between their facilities, multiple multi-gig connections on the same pair of fiber and a wide variety of other services. With CWLP dark fiber, the customer is only limited by the hardware they choose.

To find out more about commercial access to CWLP’s Fiber Optics and Telecommunications Services call 217.757.8520 Ext. 2129 or e-mail

CWLP is not an Internet Service Provider with the ability to provide internet connectivity.

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