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Helping Homes Weatherization Assistance

Enrollment in the 2022 program is now closed. If you missed this opportunity be sure to visit our Save Energy-Save Water page for more assistance resources and tips, Conservation Home Page

Our Helping Homes program provides qualifying low-income electric customers the opportunity to reduce their energy costs through the installation of energy-saving retrofits to their homes. These retrofits will be determined by an energy audit and may include attic and/or band joist insulation, central air conditioner or heat pump replacement, caulking and weather-stripping, LED lighting upgrades, bathroom exhaust fan upgrades and other possible measures shown to have positive savings for the money invested.

All retrofit work will be completed at no cost to those awarded participation in the Helping Homes program. Contractors approved by the CWLP Energy Services Office will do all of the installation and upgrade work.

See application criteria below. Questions: Call Energy Services at 217.789.2070. For enrollment for eligibility: Call 217.789.2957 beginning at 9 a.m. on April 29.

Applying for the Helping Homes Program

Eligible low-income customers must:

  • Have CWLP electric service in their names (or the name of their legal spouse)
  • Own and live in the home they wish to have weatherized. Mobile homes, apartments and rental homes do NOT qualify.
  • Meet HUD’s 2022 total household income guidelines

Number of Persons in Household Maximum Household Income
1 $53,450
2 $61,050
3 $68,700
4 $76,300
5 $82,450
6 $88,550
7 $94,650
8 $100,750