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Report a Power Outage

For the fastest response to an electric service outage or emergency, report to Electric Dispatch at 217.789.2121.

NOTE: To report a street light outage or other non-emergency issues, please use the report a problem page below.
Report a Problem

Reasons using Other Means to Report an Outage is NOT a Good Idea.

Attempting to use other means to report an outage outage (including by emailing or calling other department phone numbers or by posting to CWLP's social media pages) is NOT the most efficient way to ensure your report gets through. In fact, using these other communications options might significantly delay your information from reaching the appropriate response personnel.

This is especially true in the case of an electrical outage. CWLP's Electric Division uses an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system that works in tandem with the utility's Customer Information System (CIS) to track phoned-in outage reports to more quickly and specifically pinpoint the source of the outage, so the problem can be identified and crews dispatched in the most timely manner possible. For this system to work to its maximum potential, the reports must be made from a telephone number that is associated with the account where service has been disrupted. (That's why it's also important for customers to keep their account information—including telephone numbers—up to date. Find out how to update your CWLP account information.)

Although our IVR system has been designed to allow a large number of calls to be handled quickly and efficiently under most circumstances, it is possible that—during very widespread outages—you might have difficulty having your call quickly answered by either a live dispatcher or the automated system. If this should happen to you, please know we are doing our very best to respond to all calls and we need to hear from you. So please, keep trying until you get through.

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