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2020 Public Power Week Trivia Contest Answers Revealed

Congratulations to Genevieve for her winning entry in our 10-question trivia for #PublicPowerWeek! See answers below.

Trivia Answers

1) What services does CWLP offer to customers? (Check all that apply)
 (Electric Home)
 (Water Home)

 (Fiber Optics)

2) How many miles of power lines are in the CWLP service territory?

3) What is the best way to get current CWLP Power Outage information? (Check all that apply)
 (Outage Map)


4) How many megawatts is Dallman Unit 4 and how much on average is CWLP Customer load?

5) In what year did the City of Springfield begin commercial electric sales?

6) What charitable efforts can customers donate to that are collected on the CWLP bill? (Check all that apply)
 (Project Relief)

 (Round Up)

7) If your bill is high, what are ways to get help? (Check all that apply)
 (Bill Assistance)

8) What is the phone number for CWLP Electric Dispatch for trouble reporting?

9) What are the ways to pay your CWLP bill (Check all that apply)

 (myCWLP Online)

10) What is the monthly cost to participate in CWLP’s mySolar program? (mySolar Program)