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Integrated Resource Plan Underway

At the June 11th Public Utilities Committee meeting, CWLP presented information on its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which is underway. The IRP will identify what type and mix of generation will be best suited to provide reliable and reasonably priced low cost electrical power to meet the community’s needs for the next 20 years. The IRP will compile and analyze economic data of CWLP’s existing electric resources along with the economic data of other options such as wind, solar, natural gas combustion turbine, smaller reciprocating engines, power purchases from the market, demand side management and energy storage.

CWLP invited the public to comment on scenarios and options for consideration for the IRP until June 28th. At the next Public Utilities Committee meeting, to be held Monday, September 17th, there will be an overview of public comments received and how they were considered for the IRP. Time for public comment will be allotted. The meeting is being held in the City Council Chambers at Municipal Center West at Seventh and Monroe Streets and will begin at 5:30 p.m. These meetings are televised and streamed live online here and are posted on the City of Springfield’s YouTube page here.

At the end of the IRP process, the Springfield City Council will be presented with a number of different energy portfolios scenarios, including plant retirements and various generation mixes, along with the projected costs and risks of each. To learn more about the IRP, see CWLP’s presentation from the Public Utilities Committee meeting or watch the meeting video.

Round Up Your Bill To Help The Homeless

The plight of the homeless is a growing concern. But there is something simple you can do to address the problem. The Round Up To End Homelessness program lets you make small regular donations to programs that assist the local homeless population. All you have to do to participate is sign up to the Round Up program and we will round up your monthly CWLP bill to the nearest dollar. The money collected is used to fund programs that ease homelessness in Springfield.

Learn more and sign up here

"Promo Department" Making Scam Calls

Many CWLP customers have reported receiving phone calls and voice mails from a caller ID showing “Promo Department,” which say they were referred by their utility company. The callers say they can offer them a variable rate or freeze their level pay on their utility bill among other claims to try to get banking information or some sort of payment. The calls are coming from 800 and other out of the area numbers

CWLP isn’t making any referrals to such companies to offer account services for its customers.

CWLP wants customers to know that:

  • Any customer who is unsure if a phone call is actually coming from CWLP should take the caller’s name and telephone number, or hang up and then call CWLP Customer Service at 789-2030 or go online to to verify account status
  • Don’t give out personal information or banking information without verification
  • Be wary of high-pressure tactics over the phone
  • If a customer has given out private information or made payment based on one of these scams, they may report it to Springfield Police at 788-8325

Backflow Survey Underway

Have you taken our Cross-Connection/Backflow Water Survey yet? Your participation helps protect water quality within the distribution system. Contaminants can "backflow" into the system from homes or businesses from irrigation or fire protection systems as examples. The survey helps us identify these risks from cross-connections and reduce the potential for backflow or back-siphoning events to occur. All survey respondents, who are CWLP water customers, will be entered into a drawing to win one of ten CWLP drink tumblers.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency requires all Illinois water customers to complete a cross connection survey every two years. For more information on protecting against backflow contamination, see our pamphlet, or call 789-2323, ext. 1630.

CWLP Water Quality Report Released

The newest information on CWLP water quality is in the just released 2017 Water Quality Report. As in year’s past, drinking water produced by the utility met all USEPA and State of Illinois drinking water health standards and no violations of a contaminant level or any other water quality standards occurred. The information in the report outlines the monitoring undertaken to evaluate the production of drinking water.

CWLP’s Water Division operates a 24-hour laboratory where chemists and plant operators consistently and continually check systems and processes to see that each parameter is met as required for treatment processes to delivery of finished drinking water into the distribution system.

Details about where the water comes from, Lake Springfield and what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by the regulatory agencies are also included in the report. Any customers, whom would like a printed copy of the report mailed, may request by calling 217-757-8630, ext. 1703 or by email,

New Outage Map Available to Customers

CWLP works to minimize service interruptions and have the lights on all the time. When a power outage does occur, however, a new tool if now available to customers to view and track outages online. The new Electric outage map is a vendor application deployed by CWLP Electric Transmission & Distribution staff to allow the public to view and track outages. The map, fielded with data by Electric Operations-Dispatch, allows customers to see area outages in near real-time, see where crews are assigned and confirm whether their address is in an outage or not.
Outage Map

Get Value In Green Energy Purchase Program

Average residential customer can be 100% green for an additional $2 month.

City Water, Light and Power’s Renewable Choice program provides local utility customers with a way to neutralize the environmental impact of their monthly energy usage by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

For a few extra dollars a month any CWLP customer that chooses to be green can invest in renewable energy sources right through their utility bill. Through this program, customers can purchase certified RECs in 200 kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks of renewable resources through their monthly CWLP bill.

CWLP’s generation portfolio includes wind capacity from wind farms in Iowa, currently representing around 18% of our community’s native load. With Renewable Choice CWLP customers who want to be 100% green and exceed the 18% level can do so by purchasing these additional blocks of renewable wind and solar credits.

A 200 kWh block, the minimum purchase for this program, is priced at $0.40. The typical residential CWLP customer uses 800 to 1,000 kWh per month and can, on average, have an account representing 100% renewable investment for an additional $2 per billing cycle. Five 200 kWh blocks is equal to one REC. All purchases will be billed and appear on the customer’s monthly CWLP electric bill. CWLP will send each customer a certificate showing the quantity and a proof of purchase for their RECs annually.

3Degrees, the REC provider for this program attests to the validity of each REC purchased and is audited by an independent third party accounting firm.

This program is not designed to increase CWLP revenue, but to give customers the opportunity to contribute to the growth of renewable energy at a reasonable cost. REC purchases are funded completely by customers via this program, not CWLP.

Signing up to enroll in the program can be done in person or over the phone by contacting the CWLP Energy Services Office at 789-2070 or via The CWLP Energy Experts can assist customers in calculating their monthly average usage if a customer wishes to be 100% green, although the customer may choose to purchase as many or as few blocks as they wish.

Become a Project RELIEF contributor

Each year a number of Springfield families have trouble paying their basic household bills. And things can get even tougher during the winter when home heating costs are added in.

Through Project RELIEF, you can add $1 or more to your monthly CWLP bill to provide payment assistance to families during the winter heating season.

It’s easy. All you have to do is complete the online form. Or you can make a one-time donation of any amount by sending your check or money order to:

Project RELIEF
Fifth Street Renaissance
1315 N. 5th Street
Springfield, IL 62702

Fifth Street Renaissance is a local social services agency that administers the Project RELIEF program for CWLP.

100% of your contribution will be used to help CWLP customers cover their winter utility costs. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Who Can Qualify for Project RELIEF?

To qualify for Project RELIEF assistance, you must have: a total household income for the previous 90 days of no more than 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (see the table below); applied for help from LIHEAP (535-3120); a past-due CWLP bill; not received Project RELIEF assistance in 2016-2017; and exhausted all other assistance sources. You may also be required to cover a portion of your past-due CWLP bill.

If you would like to participate in CWLP Project RELIEF, the first step in applying to the program is to call 789-2414 on December 1 or soon thereafter. If you meet minimum eligibility requirements, you will be scheduled for an appointment with Fifth Street Renaissance.

Thank You.

More Info: or 217.789.2030