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The rates and billing policies governing water and electric service from CWLP are under the sole control of the Springfield City Council. The rate information provided on this site is subject to change by ordinance of the Council and is effective as follows:
Electric Rates:       January 1, 2016
Water Rates:       March 1, 2011

Bills issued to CWLP water customers also contain charges for sewer and sanitary service. The sewer portion of the sewer/sanitary rates is recommended by the City's Department of Public Works (Sewer Division) and approved by the Springfield City Council, while the sanitary portion of the sewer/sanitary rates is set by the Springfield Metropolitan Sanitary District. CWLP merely provides a billing service for the sewer/sanitary charges levied by those two agencies.

Links to information about CWLP electric and water rates, sewer/sanitary rates, fire protection line rates or security lighting rates, as well as related topics, can be found in the left-hand column of this page.



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